Overhauling of the ship Regentag

No visits possible

16. July 2019
Hundertwasser's ship Regentag has been lain at anchor in the Danube port of Tulln since 2004. In 2015, the Austrian Federal Monuments Office placed the historical ship under monument protection.
Throughout the year 2019 extensive repair work is in progress and therefore the Regentag cannot be visited.
The ship Regentag, which Hundertwasser had bought in 1967 and rebuilt in subsequent years in the shipyards of Venice, was his home, his country, his headquarters. He lived and painted on it for ten years.
From 1970 to 1972, Hundertwasser worked on the film "Hundertwasser's Regentag", which was shot by his friend Peter Schamoni. Hundertwasser gave the film oeuvre number 707 in the catalogue raisonné.
Hundertwasser noted: “I built my ship as a house ought to be: full of life – and full of life means full of colour. Grey is the colour of death – and of our civilization, a civilization bearing the marks of death, a dying civilization. I have no intention of dying with it, and that’s why I became a painter.” (1972)