02. April 2020


Thoughts for changing the world
A book for sharpening our future intelligence, for inner change, a key to counter the ruthless, galloping technology with the simplest and surest of remedies: the everlasting happiness of beauty.

10. March 2020


Peace Treaty With Nature
Exhibition at Ludwigsburg until July 5, 2020 - temporarily closed
21. February 2020

Hundertwasser - Schiele. Imagine Tomorrow.

Exhibition at Leopold Museum, Vienna, until August 31, 2020 - temporarily closed
20. February 2020

The House of Happy Spirits

New Book for Kids
01. December 2019

The Tip of the Iceberg

Current Exhibition
in Salzburg until April 2020
28. May 2019

Hundertwasser architecture models in Krems

Participation in Group Exhibition at the State Gallery of Lower Austria