05. September 2022

Exhibition in Switzerland

26. August 2022

Hundertwasser - Love to Nature

Exhibition at Ludwigsburg, Germany
23. May 2022

Regentag Portfolio

Hundertwasser Silk Screens Part 2
27. April 2022

Calendar 2023

20. February 2022

Opening of the Hundertwasser Art Centre

The Hundertwasser Art Centre with Wairau Māori Art Gallery will open in Whangārei (New Zealand) on February 20th. A citizens' initiative made the realization possible, and construction began in June 2018. 
02. April 2020


Thoughts for changing the world
A book for sharpening our future intelligence, for inner change, a key to counter the ruthless, galloping technology with the simplest and surest of remedies: the everlasting happiness of beauty.

20. February 2020

The House of Happy Spirits

New Book for Kids