28. October 2021

Speech Hundertwasser Architecture

Architect Heinz M. Springmann at the Kunsthaus Apolda, Germany 
12. October 2021

ART. Kunst im 21. Jahrhundert

German language version
The new publication by Robert Fleck at Edition Konturen. 
10. June 2021

Beauty Is a Panacea

Exhibition in Thuringia, Germany
27. May 2021

Il Greeting - Casa e spirale sotto la pioggia

About a lithograph of 1962
06. May 2021

Art in the park

09. April 2021

30th anniversary of the KunstHausWien

Museum Hundertwasser
10. March 2021

Hundertwasser podcast

by stayinart magazine
24. February 2021

Hundertwasser's original graphic works

An experimental start with the Art-Club Rotaprint portfolio in 1951
02. April 2020


Thoughts for changing the world
A book for sharpening our future intelligence, for inner change, a key to counter the ruthless, galloping technology with the simplest and surest of remedies: the everlasting happiness of beauty.

20. February 2020

The House of Happy Spirits

New Book for Kids