Walter Schurian on Hundertwasser's idea of the second skin

Art’s proximity to sensual perception is directly reflected in the text On the Second Skin on man’s clothing (»On the Second Skin«, 1982/1983). It describes how man’s clothing has deteriorated into fashion that is dictated to the individual from the outside.

According to Hundertwasser, clothing has to perform two tasks: It has to express the differences between people, and it has to be comfortable for the body. Fashion, however, covers up the differences in social rank, achievement, and expression; the uniform dominates the picture; everyone disappears in the mass of uniformly dressed people, can even vanish if needed; nobody has to show responsibility; nobody can be held accountable. Moreover, fashion imposed from the outside confines people’s bodies and senses. Forms and colors designed away from people’s real needs are forced on everyone.

In this text, Hundertwasser speaks as a responsible artist. It proves comprehensible for everyone the direct relationship of his art to life.