Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Sonnenstern is lonely and far away.
The stars are lonely and far away.
Sonnenstern is burning without dying,
The sun is burning without dying.
Sonnenstern shines from so far away,
but his shine is so bright
That we have to cover our eyes.
Sonnenstern will give us light for generations.
Sonnenstern is independent of all of us on this earth.
Sonnenstern is stronger than all of us on this earth.
His revolution is not brutal and not destroying like the ones we know;
His revolution comes from the stars
And goes into the inner side of us.
He is a deputy of another sky.
Sonnenstern is burning.
Let us be silent.
Let us listen.
God is speaking.


The poem was written in 1964 and was published in English in the catalogue »Schröder-Sonnenstern«, Aoki Gallery, Tokyo, in 1965.

Published in:

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