25th anniversary of Thermal Village Blumau

10. May 2022
photo: Woerner GmbH
Hundertwasser on the Rolling Hills:
1. life in harmony with nature
2. forest and meadow air instead of “concrete air”
3. the longing for romanticism and creativity is fulfilled
4. totally green houses that can be walked upon
5. engery-saving houses, latently cool in summer, warm in winter
6. more quality of life for the neighbours, not just for the residents
A good house must unite two things: harmony with nature and individual human creation.

Too long have we had dominion over the earth, with the catastrophic impacts we are all familiar with. Now it is high time we did the opposite and went beneath the earth.


If we go beneath nature again, that means, symbolically and practically, that we will live in houses where nature is above us, for it is our duty to put nature, which we kill in building a house, back on the roof. The roofs are entirely green and can be “wandered and walked over” by the residents. There is no point of the house which cannot be reached with no trouble at all. You can be on the roof in the midst of greenery or under trees.

The residents are proud of their good conscience regarding nature. Everything horizontal under the open sky belongs to nature. Here this has become reality.

Man is nature’s guest and should behave accordingly. Here this has become reality.

Man must give back to nature what he unlawfully took away from her down below in building the house and put it on the roof. Here this has become reality.

photo: Anja Fahrig