A Hundertwasser Original Object

14. November 2022
The clock is the symbol of the frantic movement of our lives. A reflection on eternal processes in harmony with nature, on timelessness and consistency is necessary.
In order to give the organic processes and the constant values ​​a symbolic form, Hundertwasser created this "antipodean timer".
It is a Hundertwasser original work. Hundertwasser designed all parts, the case, numerals and hands as well as the ash wood case himself and was personally involved in the development of the form and function of the clockwork.
The watch case is made by the famous Monier & Cie. - craftsmen, cast from 18 carat gold and blackened on the outside using the black-top process. The numerals on the outside are engraved into the blackened gold case by specialists using laser technology. The idiosyncratic watch hands are made of brass alloy, the colours are applied using the traditional decalcification process.
The clock crowns, you can see an onion dome in them, are crowned with a ruby ​​or a tourmaline.