Hundertwasser moves! - A review

28. September 2021
Japan, 1961 photo: Keisuke Kojima
That was the title of the campaign weekend by the KunstHausWien and Wien Energie. The occasion for these event days from October 1st to 3rd were the 30th anniversary of the Museum Hundertwasser - KunstHausWien and the 50th anniversary of the Spittelau district heating, which was redesigned by Hundertwasser after a fire in 1987. The program included, among other things, lectures by the climate economist Gernot Wagner and Prof. Bernd Lötsch, as well as the Viennese (climate) complaints choir, a walking gallery in the public space, lightning tours in the museum and tours from the KunstHausWien and Fernwärme Spittelau starting with Austria Guides for Future with ecology Subjects.