Il Greeting - Casa e spirale sotto la pioggia

About a lithograph of 1962

27. May 2021
Freshly found labyrinth, poster for Gallery H. Kamer, Paris
Already in his first lithograph, a poster of 1957, Hundertwasser reveals his intentions in graphic art: the close collaboration of the artist with the printer and the ultimate objective of every printed specimen differing from the other within an edition. 
Although the individual specimens of the following graphic print are not yet as individually different as the leaves of a tree, the history of their origins is remarkable:
In November and December 1962 Hundertwasser drew HOUSE AND SPIRAL IN THE RAIN directly on the stone at Cardazzo’s workshop in San Silvestro. The print was meant as a New Year’s greeting for clients of the Galleria del Cavallino at San Marco in Venice, which was run by Renato Cardazzo.
House and especially the spiral are the artist’s favourite themes: