A city walk starting at the Hundertwasser House

17. February 2021
Wörner Verlag
35 years ago, this residential building of the city of Vienna was handed over to the tenants. Since the tourists stayed away, it has become quiet here and you can look at the facade in peace and let it sink in.

Hundertwasser on his spectacular architectural project:
“This house is intended as first approach to a conversation with nature, in which we and nature are equal partners; one may not overpower the other.
Thus, in the ecological house, window right and the tree obligation must be restored.
It is an unusual house. For it is meant to be an oasis of humanity and nature in the sea of rational buildings, the realisation of the longing of people for romanticism. (…)
Everyone will be glad to return home. For the house sparkles in the sunshine and in the moonlight. It has fountains, and you can sit amidst the trees. And you look at the living walls and recognise the living windows with pleasure, the ones you can reshape yourself, behind which you are at home.”
from: The House Should Not Be Measured by Normal Standards, 1980
Along the Danube Canal upstream, we continue to the pavilion at the DDSG pontoon designed by Hundertwasser. A few steps further we reach KunstHausWien with Hundertwasser's permanent exhibition.