Arbor Day - Tree Day

25. April 2023
Hundertwasser Art Centre Whangarei, Samuel Hartnett
The tree tenant pays his rent in much more valuable currency than the humans.
1. Tree tenants create oxygen.
2. Tree tenants improve the city climate and the well being of dwellers. […]
3. Tree tenants act like vacuum cleaners. […]
4. Tree tenants swallow noise. They reduce the echoes of the city noise […]
5. Tree tenants protect you from outside view like curtains and create shelter.
6. Tree tenants give shadow in summer but let sunlight through in winter when leaves have fallen.
7. Butterflies and birds come back.
8. Beauty and joy of life come back. Living quality is improved with this piece of own nature.
9. The tree tenant is a symbol of reparation towards nature which is extremely visible. […]

Hundertwasser, 1980/1991/1996