Regentag Portfolio

Hundertwasser Silk Screens Part 2

23. May 2022
368A EYEBALANCE NUMBER FIVE, photo: collection JOMA
In the early 1970s, the name "Regentag" played a special role. Hundertwasser named his ship “Regentag” and from that point on he bore this name also himself . In 1970-72 he cooperated with Peter Schamoni for the documentary film "Hundertwasser’s Rainy Day", which was presented in Cannes and nominated for an Oscar. A book was published with the title “Hundertwasser - Regentag" in cooperation with the photographer and painter Manfred Bockelmann. At this time, Hundertwasser was also working with the German art printer Günter Dietz in Lengmoos/Bavaria, in whose office the ten silk screens for the portfolio “Look at it on a rainy day” were created. The complicated printing process with a large number of colour separations, phosphorescent colours or reflective layers of glass dust led to increased luminosity and attractive effects.