Ship Regentag

29. June 2024
photo: Bernhard Schramm
After six years of restoration, the ship is once again open to visitors.
20 years ago, the REGENTAG was brought from New Zealand to Tulln by freight on the initiative of the then mayor Willi Stift on the occasion of a Hundertwasser exhibition in the Minorite Monastery. In 2015, the REGENTAG was declared a historic monument.
The ravages of time were taking their toll on the ship. An expert report found numerous shrinkage cracks and fissures in the wood due to water ingress, so extensive restoration work was carried out from 2018 to 2024, financed by the Hundertwasser Non Profit Foundation. The city of Tulln also made a contribution, as did the Austrian Federal Monuments Office and the state of Lower Austria.
On June 29, 2024 the presentation of the renovated ship took place at the Nibelungenplatz.