Exhibition "In Harmony With Nature"

in Ottobeuren (Bavaria), opening May 6

28. April 2023
937 Close-up of infinity, 1994
The Museum of Contemporary Art - Diether Kunerth in Ottobeuren (Bavaria) is showing a comprehensive retrospective of Hundertwasser's œuvre.
The radiance of his paintings will be perceptible in more than twenty original works, four architectural models - including large-format ones such as Thermal Village Bad Blumau and Devoted Site to Nature - are examples of his more human architecture in harmony with nature. The show also offers a cross-section of his original graphic works from many different techniques (lithography, etchings, Japanese colour woodcuts), including the Regentag portfolio - Look at it on a Rainy Day – silk screens that Hundertwasser created in collaboration with Günter Dietz in Lengmoos, Bavaria, in 1971. Environmental posters document his pioneering commitment to ecology and environmental protection, there is also a water purification plant and the humus toilet.
The museum also shows youth works and tapestries on approx. 1000 square meters. All loans come from the Hundertwasser non-profit Foundation in Vienna.
from May 6 to October 22, 2023
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