Day of the Bike

03. June 2021
I love bicycles since I've been cycling around Paris for four years. (Hundertwasser, 1964)
The photo shows Hundertwasser during his "Boston-ivy campaign " (1980) on a Velosolex, actually a moped that could be operated with alternative fuel. His friend and companion of the road professor Bernd Lötsch reports:
So we filled in bio-fuel, i.e. alcohol, of course with castor oil as a vegetable lubricant (...) We drove around in Vienna to test it. Standing on the crossroads it always smelled so lightly of fryer and french fries.

In June of 1980 Hundertwasser designed a pamphlet for the Boston-ivy campaign of the Viennese Youth for Nature Conservation which he had initiated. He bought 10,000 schillings (727 Euros) worth of Boston ivy and made it available.
When planting greenery on façades, committed green activists would sometimes come into conflict with landlords, homeowners and authorities.