Thoughts for changing the world

02. April 2020
This book with quotes from Hundertwasser's socio-critical and ecological manifestos is published at a time when new approaches to shaping our future are more than ever demanded. Hundertwasser was a visionary on the look-out for the slightest flaw in the global system likely to bring out the latent creative urge to be found in all human beings and its effect on the quality of their lives.

Hundertwasser emphatically formulated his ideas of a life in harmony with nature, the greening of cities, a waste-free society and the restoration of natural cycles. What appeared to his contemporaries to be a utopia is today of an urgent virulence and a surprising topicality.

TREE DUTY means the restoration of the dialogue with nature. This is about a fundamental turnabout, a fundamental new orientation. An everyday life without intimate contact with trees, plants, soil and humus is unworthy of man. (1980)

As we are now reaching the limits of growth, only decentralisation, reflection and slowing down in harmony with nature can save us. (1999)

If man wants to have a clean conscience, he must strive for a garbage-free society. He is nature’s guest and should behave accordingly. A throw-away society must not be accepted. (1989)

German edition published by Hatje Cantz, Berlin, English edition will be published May 12, 2020.