ARCH 116/I

Model 1:50, executed by Alfred Schmid, Klosterneuburg, 2017
75 x 385 x 240 cm
in 3 parts: 100 x 120 cm, 120 x 240 cm 165 x 120 cm

Gemiva SVG Group
Woon-en Leefgemeenschap Swetterhage
Blankaartweg 2
2381 AD Zoeterwoude
Heinz M. Springmann; März / March, 2017

320 people with intellectual disabilities live and work at Swetterhage in Zoeterwoude. The day-care center building was out of date and no longer met the required standard. Instead of an "ordinary" new building, people wanted to have a more human architecture in harmony with nature, based on a Hundertwasser design. This dream could not be realised for budgetary reasons.

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