Friedensreich Hundertwasser

I want constantly to improve.

The creative impotence of the individual having become totally out of hand, as expressed by standardisation, socialisation, copying, linearisation, ant-ification, sterilisation, and dosisation, a new and terrible illiteracy has developed. The responsibility for this lies with the criminal methodology of our system of instruction as practised in the universities, academies, finishing schools, and schools. The systematic and counternatural learning, studying, and copying of alien knowledge is performed hand in hand with the systematic killing of the will to shape and create things. The people produced by such education are incapable of assuming the intended responsibility for themselves and for us all. Official and universal progress is thus based on a fundamental error.


Written and published as a manifesto in Vienna. On September 17, 1959 the artists Hundertwasser, Ernst Fuchs and Arnulf Rainer founded the »Pintorarium«, a universal academy of all creative fields.