Fountain in KunstHausWien - Panta Rhei - All Flows

Hans Muhr

Water is an image of the evolution and the cycle of life and flows over borders and breaks limits.

A genuine symbol against all preconceived tracks.

An image for Hundertwasser’s innovative power and for an architecture in harmony with nature and human longings.

Here the water, my most important sculptural material, expresses itself each second in a new form, visible against the force of gravity, against the norm flowing in all directions also uphill.

In my stone sculptures “All Flows” decisive thoughts and concepts of Hundertwasser’s are integrated, so the spiral form and the stones from all five continents.

The fountain installation “All Flows” is surrounded by a water-stone-plants-biotop.

The spiral of the fountain harmonizes with the spiral form of the staircase. It demonstrates natural erosions of the water in the stone as well as the symbiosis of plants and stone.


 Written for KunstHausWien in April 1991.