Friedensreich Hundertwasser

From Biblical times man was called on to “have dominion over the earth”.
Modern man has abused this thought and killed earth.

Now we must go back underneath nature, what has to be understood symbolically and practically.

We must build houses where nature is above us. It is our duty to put nature, which we destroy by building the house, back on the roof. The nature we have on the roof is this piece of earth that we killed by putting the house there.

Grass roofs also have ecological, sanitary and insulation advantages. A grass roof produces oxygen and makes life possible. It absorbs dust and dirt and changes earth. Body and soul of man is at ease, both, who looks at it as well as who lives beneath it.

Another advantage of the grass roof is the noise-absorbing effect.

Grass roofs create quiet and peace. Furthermore, they protect you from harmful environmental influences, radiation and fire. Even water could be purified, after going through the grass layer it will be cleaner than before.

The economical side is not to be underestimated. The grass roof serves as a climate control in winter in order to save heating material and to keep cool in summer.


Written in April 1991, for KunstHausWien.

Published in:

Hundertwasser - KunstHausWien, Cologne: Taschen, 1999, p. 25