ARCH 119

Reconstruction and redesign of a building dating from the 1960's
Work on the site
Initiated by Sue Hodge, Far North District Council, Kaikohe.

Model 1:20 executed by Richard Smart in collaboration with Hundertwasser, August 1998
Start of construction: 1999
Inauguration: December 10, 1999

Kawakawa, NZ
Kawakawa Community Board, Far North District Council, New Zealand

The local business association approached Hundertwasser requesting that he redesign the existing building dating back to the 1960s. During the reconstruction process it was discovered that the necessary renovation measures would be more extensive than originally planned. Hundertwasser became personally involved in the refurbishment. He had a wall of bottles included as in the Bottlehouse on his own property. He chose a Plane tree for the front of the building and a Tulip tree for the back. Maori artists and the potter Peter Yeates were also contributing to the project.
The toilets were awarded the "Premier Creative Places Award 2000" on July 10, 2000, on the occasion of the Local Government New Zealand Annual Conference at Christchurch.

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