ARCH 102

Design for a Children's Museum in Osaka, Japan

Model 1:50: Andreas Bodi, 1996
Start of construction: 1996
Inauguration: summer 1997

1996 - 1997
2-1-7 Ogimachi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530, Japan,
Daiko, Osaka
Vermittler / Intermediaries: Klaus Dona, Hans Hallwirth
Peter Pelikan

Kids Plaza Osaka is both a playground and a world of adventure for children. Diverse exhibitions, events and workshops allow children to discover their world in a playful manner. Hundertwasser took on the commission to design the Kid's Town, which is located in an atrium between the fourth and fifth floors and features a spiral tower in its centre. Hundertwasser's adventurous architecture for children is the antipode of the sterile, computer-controlled unnatural and virtually inhuman architecture in which children spend a great deal of their time. Here children can experience the irregular, the organic and creative diversity in an architecture that inspires their imagination and sense of adventure - a means of making restitution to children's souls.

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