It would be irresponsible to ignore the fact that technicians, scientists and experts are leading us into a vast world of problems which they themselves cannot understand and cannot manage anymore. We in return become dependent upon deadly perilous man made disasters which are beyond our comprehension.

Our technical achievement must match our creative responsibility. We are far behind, unfortunately.

We cannot think as fast as we use more and more dangerous tools.

Genetic engineering violates the laws of nature in complete ignorance of the function of beauty in all manifestation of creation.

This short-sighted contempt of the beauty and the interwoven variety of creation triggers the suicide of humanity. Because the so-called unnecessary beauty is essential for the survival on this earth.

Little to nothing is done to counteract the visual pollution which is the most dangerous of all pollutions because it kills the soul.

As we are now reaching the limits of growth, only decentralisation, reflection and slowing down in harmony with nature can save us.

It is madness to be part of a merciless competition, running amok straight into a fatal illusion, into the deadlock of economic growth.

If you reach an abyss, only a step back can save you.

The enemies have changed. The obsolete frontline does not run anymore alongside political, racial and religious borders but between the brutal industrial consumer and waste society and the exploited and destroyer nature and the violated soul of men.

A new slavery is subduing us, the worst humanity has ever endured:

The dependence of every human being on the central power of monoculture-monopolists, on officially promoted waste and pollution, on super banks, on poison producing mega corporations and the atom and energy lobby, on genetic engineering…

Today we experience the triumph of rationalism but at the same time we find ourselves exposed to emptiness, aesthetic nothingness, uniform desert, murderous sterility and inability to create.

Our real illiteracy is not the ignorance to read and write but the inability to create. Only nature can teach us creation, men cannot do this.

It is the duty of mankind to finish all disputes between man and to conclude a treaty with nature, the only superior power the human race depends on for its own survival.

The peace treaty must include the following points:

1. We have to learn the language of nature to be able to communicate with her.
2. To restore territories to nature which have been illegally violated and occupied by man following the principle that all what is horizontal under the sky belongs to nature.
3. To tolerate spontaneous vegetation. Only free trees can be partners of man.
4. To re-approach and reunite the creativity of man and the creativity of nature which have been separated with disastrous consequences.
5. To live in harmony and according to the laws of nature.
6. We are guests of nature, and we must behave. Man must realise that he himself is the most dangerous pest that ever devastated this earth. Man must put himself back into his environmental barriers so that the earth can regenerate.
7. We must become again a society free of waste. Only he, who honours and recycles his own waste in a waste-free society can turn death into life and has the right to continue to be present on this earth. Only by respecting the cycle we permit the resurrection of life.

Each raindrop is a kiss from heaven.

We have the duty to give water back to nature as clean as we got it.

We live in paradise, we only destroy it.

A tree is cut down in five minutes, but needs fifty years to grow.

That is the relation between technocratic destruction and ecological evolution.