Copyright means that any creation is protected against imitation, alteration, mutilation and destruction, if it is labelled © or not.

The penalties are already severe in the case of violation of copyright of human creations where only the creator is damaged and a limited number of people are concerned. It is a criminal offence.

When the copyright of creation of nature on which humanity depends is violated, the stakes are immeasurably and enormously higher because all life on earth and all the humanity is threatened.

Man has for a long time been, the most dangerous pest that ever devastated the earth.

Genetic engineering is so far the most criminal and insidious misbehaviour of man.
Instead of being the guardian of life, laws and wealth on earth, instead of putting himself back behind ecological barriers so that the earth can regenerate man plays sorcerer’s apprentice with nuclear energy, hormones, poisons, waste production, psychological enslavement, acceptance of dependence-enslavement by big corporations, the dictatorship of the ugliness and endless kinds of mass destruction.

Now man has the arrogance to manipulate the essence of living organisms which depend upon each other in an intertwined, well balanced fantastic system which has functioned p e r f e c t l y for millions of years.

The supreme function of beauty of all creation and its great and sublime laws of harmony have no key role in the genetic manipulations.
Contempt of beauty, greed and short-lived futile advantages are the motivations.

Man has no right to transform the essence of life in complete ignorance of the long-term consequences, which reach far beyond the lifetimes of man.

Man destroys his own origins, his own future, his own existence which depends on an infinity of surrounding and carefully interwoven genetic laws.

Every being and living manifestation on earth – butterflies, flowers, trees, fruit, fungus, animals from microbes to elephants – has a superior function which reaches far beyond the usefulness and the utility for man.
It reaches far beyond the comprehension of man.

Conceited man thinks only in terms of exploitation for his own flimsy benefits.

For the genetic manipulators, nature and creation which should be taboo, are just a defenceless prey to be taken and mutilated at will with no cumbersome and restricting copyright involved.

Man in his greed forgets that he himself is dependent on these delicately interwoven gifts of nature and creation, which come out of an incredible fantastic treasury which is off-limits to man.

If man kills the power that supports him, if man vandalises this treasury which makes his life possible on earth, he destroys himself.

Genetic manipulation triggers the hitherto most stupid of all human mass suicides.