We must make a peace treaty with nature.

We must restore to nature territories which have been illegally occupied from nature.
Only spontaneous vegetation is a qualified partner of man to make a peace treaty with.

When man occupies territories which belong to nature he usually destroys them.
Man has become the most dangerous pest that ever devastated the earth.
Man must put himself back behind his environmental barriers, so that the earth, the vegetation, the seas can regenerate.

The horizontal belongs to nature, everywhere where snow and rain fall, spontaneous vegetation should grow in the cities.

We are guests of nature and we must behave.

We must see to it that we humans do not disturb the cycle.
The cycle from eating to shitting functions.
The cycle from shitting to eating is interrupted.

Every time we use flush toilet,
we think it is a hygienic accomplishment,
but in fact we violate the rights of nature.
It is an immoral act, it is a crime destroying life.
In the name of wrong and obsolete sanitary laws we loose our cosmic substance,
we murder and destroy our future life.
We pray before we eat and say grace afterwards,
but we do not pray when we shit.
We thank God for our daily bread which comes out of the earth,
but we do not pray so that our shit becomes earth again.
If we do not treasure our shit and if we do not transform it into humus
in honour of God and the world we lose our right to be present on this earth.

There is no waste, waste does not exist.

There is no energy crises.
Does nature know such a thing as an energy crisis?
Do the birds, the trees have an energy crisis?
Only man imagines he has an energy crisis because he has gone mad.

We live in paradise, but we destroy it.

Water is a holy substance just like the air, the soil and vegetation.

Each of us is poisoning daily 25 gallons of drinking water by using the flush toilet.
That means in a town of 1 million people we transform 25 million gallons of pure water into 25 million gallons of poison.

Our technological achievement must match our creative responsibility.
We are far behind unfortunately.
For instance we are not allowed to have a machine gun and kill at random everybody we dislike and see in the street. If we get a car we must have a driving licence to use the car, because the car is dangerous in the hands of somebody who cannot drive.
But how does it come that everybody can use detergents and chemical soaps and kill without even knowing that we are killing by using chemical detergents?

The criminal advertising tells us how to get clean. The criminal advertising tells us how to get clean with the help of soaps and detergents. But this is a lie. The cleaner our shirt, the cleaner our house the more dirty gets our environment, not only dirty but death.

The shores of rivers, lakes, seas and all the swamps belong to nature and should be off limits to men.

Nature will thank us by keeping away from us floods and droughts, by giving us clear water to drink and swim and by giving us food and fishes. We must see to it that water that leaves our house is just as clean as we received it by the tap.

This is no utopia at all.
You can purify and recycle your own grey water, your own liquid wastes like urine, wash and dish and laundry and sink and bathroom water with your own water purification plant.

This water purification plant works with the help of beautiful plants which will work for you while they enjoy you transforming the dirt in the water into plant substance in your own house and you get responsible for your own water.

All of us have lost control and responsibility of what we are doing – the doctors, teachers, farmers, politicians, scientists, priests, economists, and so on.

The architect acts like a criminal of war. He executes orders against his conscience building houses where man’s soul perishes.

The straight line is godless and immoral.
The rulers and T-squares are the tools of the decay of our civilisation.

Modern art became a freak show of horrors.
Modern art became an intellectual masturbation enforced as a short lived status symbol.
Ugly, empty, cold, godless, without beauty, without heart.

The avant garde modern artist is stumbling among ruins and destroys values which he himself is responsible for, desperately looking for something he can still destroy. In that way the arts became perverse.

The negative avant garde claim to political-cultural power it similar to that of the nazis in Hitler’s Germany, only the trend is reversed.

The museums of modern art are the hospitals of our exhausted society in which the diseases of civilisation are cultivated and preserved instead of being healed. A museum director must be made liable for his deeds and must be put in jail if he buys rubbish with public money.

Our real illiteracy is not the inability to read and write, our real illiteracy is our inability to create.

We must create barriers of beauty so that the world gets bigger again.

If each of us is creative, we do not need to travel far because paradise is just around the corner.