Time has evolved, competences have shifted.

Those who had power have no power anymore.

The real power is no longer with those who possess guns or money.

And not only this.

The so-called responsibles do not know anymore what they do.

The architects lose the responsibility of their doing.
The medical professionals lose the responsibility of their doing.
The farmers lose the responsibility of their doing.
The gardeners and botanists lose the responsibility of their doing.
The politicians lose the responsibility of their doing.
The priests lose the responsibility of their doing.
The scientists lose the responsibility of their doing.
The economists lose the responsibility of their doing.
The teachers lose the responsibility of their doing.
The artists lose the responsibility of their doing.

They are all guilty. The list of those who are guilty can go on and on.

The doctors use poison and anti-poison.
The specialist cannot look beyond his small quarter. He is blind.

The farmer is poisoning systematically our survival basis. He poisons the soil, the forest, the meadows and the streams which have been put trustfully into his hands, with agro-business-methods of satanic dimensions.

Gardeners and botanists are unable to recognize their mission-to-accomplish just now. They do not recognize the duty they should fulfil in this very hour. They are still trying very hard and against nature’s will to make real plants ressemble plastic flowers and enforce shallow worthless beauty and monoculture.

The politician distributes and wastes the last remaining resources to gain popularity, to win an election. He has no idea of the future because he did not learn from history. This opportunistic thinking creates terrorism and wars.

Priests of all religions are preaching more and more obsolete dogmas, many of which got harmful, inhuman and even devilish.

The scientists and economists still act according to the principle of robbery and waste and are killing the tree from which they themselves and we all are living. They still running after rational and functional Fata Morganas and run to death.

The teacher still does not recognize our real illiteracy. Our real illiteracy is our inability to create.

We live in a time where competences do not match.

The doctor cannot heal.
The teacher produces impotence to create.
The scientist does not know that his inventions are useless and harmful.
The architect is a coward, a criminal. He obediently executes orders against his conscience building cancerous soulless formations that kill.
The politician is like a fly which lives one day only, shortsighted, powerless and unable.
The economist’s forecasts turn out to be a constant failure because based on false judgment of childish wishful thinking.
The priest has lost his functions.
The farmer is violating, destroying and selling away his own land.
The architect is building criminal structures unworthy for men to live in, or insane illusions become reality in iron cement. They are building concentration camp cells where man\'s soul perishes. The architect acts like a criminal of war. He executes orders even against his conscience. He is building cancerous structures in beton which are killing nature and man within. From above this is clearly visible.
The artist, too, are losing the responsibility of their doing. The modern artist developed into a would-be-dictator, completely alienated from human needs and the laws of nature. Modern art became intellectual masturbation, enforced as a short-lived status symbol, ugly, cold, without god, without heart.

But artists and architects should have just now the duty to warn and to show a way out. Only he who acts according to the laws of plants and trees cannot fail. A tree is cut down in 5 minutes but this tree needed fifty years to grow. This is just one example of how quick and easy technology destroys what nature has been building up in a long and tedious process.

Why people still do not know that the T-square straight line is immoral and godless?

The straight line is a false line, a reproductive line, the only non-creative line which contradicts the laws of nature and the dignity of man.

Why did the right to one’s window not yet become a common everyday fact?

Why a dweller still is not allowed to lean out of his window to recreate his outside walls as far as his arm can reach so that one can see from far away: there lives a man, a man who distinguishes himself from the imprisoned people.

Dwelling is a human right.

Dwelling means the natural right to change and recreate your third skin, your outside wall, just as a human body is growing constantly and organically.

Prefabrication is sterile death and means the end of mandkind.

Only he who creates is living.

We are dead when we do not create.

To be creative means to be free and to realize yourself in harmony with nature.

To be happy, man does not need to be rich on the outside.
To be happy, man needs an inside wealth of the soul.
To be happy, man needs no external mechanic energy but a sincere creative energy deep inside.

Man today is the most dangerous pest that ever devastated this earth. Man has become a vermin alienated to the environment of nature.

Perfect ecology must be to push man back into his environmental barriers so that the earth can regenerate.

The insane and unjustified consumption of energy should correspond with the equal amount of responsible intelligence.

But this is not so.

Man remained a stupid animal that all of a sudden has crazy amount of energy, of poison and deadly weapons at his disposal. And he wastes this all blindly destroying his environment and killing his own brothers.
And greedily this man, this stupid animal is asking for more energy, more poison and more deadly weapons. Men, especially the so-called experts have lost control over the levers of energy. They do not know anymore what they do.

Einstein said: if the formula is ugly, the formula cannot be right.

This is exactly the contrary to what rationalists, technocrats and functionalists are preaching.

Not without reason have the first technical achievements of a hundred years ago been disguised.

The cars disguised as horse cabs, the engines, telephones, elevators, subway entrances, street lanterns have all been objects of art and have their place now in museums.

At that time, everybody knew very well that rationalism is a sin that must be hidden behind art.

Today we experience the triumph of rationalism but at the same time we find ourselves exposed to emptiness, aesthetic nothingness, uniform desert, murderous sterility and inability to create.

Only he who acts in harmony with plants and trees, who acts in accordance with the laws of nature and the cosmic cycle cannot go wrong.

Who offends these laws of nature by arrogance or servility is guilty, is responsible for the disasters and will perish with it.

For instance, it is inadmissible that industries try to oppose natural purification plants who function naturally with the help of dirt resorbing activities of plants. Because then they could not sell their highly technical and complex and ugly and expensive purification plants.

But a natural purification plant is beautiful like a paradise garden and costs nothing.

This is just one example of how ecology must be handled with creative spirit in accordance with the laws of nature.

Sun collectors, wind generators, gasometers, sailing boats can work only if they are beautiful. If they are ugly, the work wrongly.

The new revolution will do away with the prefabricated houses which have been imposed dictatorially, and this revolution will come from the base, from the creative people.

This new revolt will be creative and beautiful.

The heartless rational prefabricated dwelling silos will be corroded by creative actions from the outside to the inside.

The right to one’s own window will guarantee the right to his third skin, the right to his own walls.

We are guests of nature and must give back free-growing vegetation to the roofs of our houses.
We need barriers of beauty. Barriers of beauty consist of not controlled irregularities. Only with the help of these can we win the war against the straight line and the T-square and return to a life which matches nature and man.

We need barriers of beauty so that the world gets bigger.

If you and your neighbour are creative, we need not travel far. We need not walk far, because paradise is right around the corner.