Set of 6 watches APA 3 97 A Mister Brô edition of 1,000 APA 64 557 C Sleeping Roof edition of 1,500 APA 107 690 B City Lights edition of 5,000 APA 114 692 D Three in Crowd edition of 3,000 APA 142 757 A Day Dream Window edition of 2,000 APA 298 913 L KunstHausWien unlimited Swiss quartz clockwork technology
Executed by: Developed in collaboration with LAK Scheybal, LAKS WATCH, Vienna
Produced by: LAKS WATCH, Vienna
Published by: KunstHausWien MuseumShop, Vienna
Hundertwasser chose the details from his works and adapted them for the watch. In addition, he designed the watch hands.

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