Original poster

Two colour variants, green and red

840 mm x 594 mm

Offset print in 6 colours with metal embossings in 2 colours

Printed by: B. Wörner, Gerlingen, Germany
Published by: Gruener Janura AG, Glarus (repr.)

The poster was created for and donated to "Arche Noah 2000" (Noah's Ark 2000), a worldwide nature-conservation initiative of the German League for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND), together with the German TV magazine "Hörzu" in 1981. One of the objectives was to promote the cause of conservation in Europe's most widely read magazines. From autumn 1980 to 1981, scientists, artists, politicians and other interested parties were asked to write and speak about conservation and environmental protection in magazines, on television, in speeches etc. Hundertwasser's poster announced this Europe-wide conservation and environmental-protection campaign in all media and served as its icon. The proceeds from the sale of the poster went to the campaign. The initiative was accompanied by a series of lectures, delivered by Hundertwasser, which was organised by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Bonn. In 1982 the poster was presented to the Center of Environmental Education in Washington, D. C. In 1996 Hundertwasser donated the poster to the World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development, in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

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