Postage stamp
Adaptation after work 165

Face value: 16 F
Size: 32.25 x 42 mm (stamp) / 28.25 x 38 mm (image)
Sheet composition: sheets of 50 postage stamps
Paper: Fluorescent white postage stamp paper with special tropical gumming 
Combination print: photogravure in 3 colours, steel engraving in black
Engraver: Wolfgang Seidel
Print: Österreichische Staatsdruckerei (Austrian State Printing Office), Vienna
Date of first issue, March 6, 1995

Total edition: not publicised

Published by: Direction générale des P & T, Office des Timbres (ostal Administration), Luxembourg

One of a series of 3 postage stamps on the occasion of Luxembourg's election as the "European Cultural Capital 1995"; together with 928 B and 931 A

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