Published in 1967
Format: 500 mm x 700 mm
Image: 460 mm x 620 mm

Lithograph in 5 colours with metal imprints in 2 colours

Printed by: Alberto Caprini, Rome, November 1967 (in cooperation with Günter Dietz)

Edition of a) 90, signed and numbered 1-90/90/CLX
Edition of b) 70, signed and numbered 1-70/70/CLX
17 state proofs

2 colour variants:
a) blue, yellow, turquoise, red, vermilion, metal imprints in gold (windows) and silver;
b) light blue, red, turquoise, yellow, sienna brown, metal imprints in silver (windows) and gold

Published by: Galleria La Medusa, Rome, 1967
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