Published in 1967
Format: 710 mm x 500 mm
Image: 620 mm x 470 mm
Lithograph in 10 colours
After 654 THE TRIP - THE JUKEBOX, mixed media, 1010 x 650 mm, Palma de Mallorca 1967
Printed by: Fernand Mourlot, in cooperation with Serge, Paris, March 1967
Edition of 194, signed and numbered 1-100/100, 101-194/194, 48 of the latter carry 1 red Japanese seal (inkan)
Published by: Hanover Gallery, London, 1967
Hundertwasser comment about the work:
Done after painting no. 654, the Jukebox; I designed personally green and brown "Teeth" into the outer white space on the right, a big brown tooth from the lower left corner onto outer white space. The center girl got green and red hair along the spiral beginning. I put green spots into the pink spiral bands on the right side and added an irregular brown edge down, and other colour changes.
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