Published in 1959
Format: 474 mm x 623 mm
Image: 474 mm x 600 mm

Lithograph in 3 colours

After 413 La Fleur Mince Tibetaine, watercolour, Paris, 1959, which was cut into small pieces for 577 La Lune en Rodage in 1959 and after 416 La Fluite et le Combat du Dalai Lama - Tibet I, watercolour, 1959
Printed by: Patris, Paris, June 1959

Edition of 1800, unsigned and not numbered; some 150 of these were signed later

2 colour variants a) vermilion, safron yellow, green b) red, green, blue

Published by: Carl László, Basel, 1959

Carl László, art dealer at Basel, arranged for the periodical Panderma to publish an issue on the Dalai Lama to be accompanied by an original Hundertwasser lithograph on the subject of his escape (Panderma 3, special issue, Hommage au Dalai-Lama). The artist designed the sheet so that, cut horizontally along the centre, the lower part stuck to the left of upper part to achieve a longitudinal format, it could be folded to fit in as a supplement (28 x 118 cm).

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