Published in 1957

Poster for the exhibition at Galerie H. Kamer

Format: 615 mm x 455 mm
Image: 510 mm x 430 mm

Lithograph in red and green, paper partly primed with brick-coloured egg tempera applied with a palette knife

Printed by: Pons, Paris, March 1957

Edition of 50, unsigned and not numbered Probably 10 proofs

Published by: Galerie H. Kamer, Paris, 1957

In 1958-59 three incomplete proof prints were overpainted by the artist. First identified as 305A, 305B and 305C, the three watercolours over lithographs were subsequently entered in the works catalogue as 591, 592 and 593. There are also two forged watercolours; two prints were anonymously painted over in watercolours and sold as Hundertwasser works.

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