Vienna, 1952
Mixed media: egg tempera on fibreboard, primed with chalk, zinc white and fish glue
1040 mm x 600 mm
Vienna, Obere Donaustrasse, December 1952
Collection: Private collection Vienna
Hundertwasser comment about the work:
15 years later I used this picture as a model for the silkscreen print "Good Morning City - Bleeding Town". (from: Cat. Museum Ludwig, Cologne, 1980, p. 172) Here I painted a skycraper to prove that even skycrapers, when they are individual and full of life, can definitely make it. The windows are filled with various elixirs. The glitter and "bleed" in the complementary colours red-green and blue-orange. The house organism is alive, it is joyous and suffers. Its skin, the outer walls, bleeds like human skin. (from: Hundertwasser Architecture, Cologne, 1997, p. 24) When you juxtapose complementary colours (red-green, blue-orange, violet-yellow), they start to shimmer and bleed. I often sit for a long time in front of one of my pictures at twilight and watch the blue slowly get lighter and lighter, the yellow and red slowly darker, so that the whole picture turns into its opposite. It is like watching a sunset and witnessing how day becomes night. When blue becomes white and red black, I turn on the light, thus turning the colours back around again. I play this shimmer game often, which only works, however, when the colours are pure and primary and are painted on limited surfaces, but not with mixed colours and laser technique, colour shadings and contourless wiping techniques commonly used with oils and watercolours. (from: Hundertwasser 1928-2000, Catalogue Raisonné, Vol. 2, Taschen, Cologne, 2002, pp. 237-238)
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