New Zealand, 1982
Mixed media: watercolour, egg tempera, PV, oil, lacquer, gold and silver leaf on paper, glued on canvas with PV-cellulose glue, primed with chalk, zinc white and PV; chassis made in N.Z. of kauri wood, partly by Hundertwasser
970 mm x 1290 mm
Painted in Kaurinui, April - June 1982 - Vienna, July 1982
Hundertwasser comment about the work:
Here the personification of architecture is depicted, with man himself as architecture. You can't tell if this headless figure embodies positive or negative architecture. In any case, man and architecture are one. But here I wanted to depict a dictatorial architecture which smothers man. As my way of painting is positive, the negative message did not come across well. But at least drops of blood are falling from the red windows onto the red road. (from: Hundertwasser Architecture, Cologne, 1997, p. 34) Actually this was supposed to be a picture against the sameness of the heartless dictatorship of architecture, which is oppressing individual man, but the headless window architecture turned out too beautifully, since I can't paint ugly things. (from: Hundertwasser 1928-2000, Catalogue Raisonné, Vol. 2, Taschen, Cologne, 2002, p. 635)
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