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  Austria has been chosen by history to be an example and centre and mainstay in Central Europe. Austria is a bridge of hope towards the East. 

  Austria’s neutrality is at this precise moment more necessary than ever before. One must call neutrality by its real name and stand up for it. Neutrality is a true value. Permanent neutrality is the foundation of our state and must not be betrayed and eroded. If we undermine this foundation, we will destroy this our state, Austria, which has been erected upon it. 

  The so-called E.U. is contriving to destroy our life base, our ageold cultures, our small, evolved idiosyncrasies, our species diversity and our self-esteem. 

  This E.U. is a gigantic sales outlet of big business, the labour unions, the trade associations, the major banks, the poison corporations, the monoculture monopolists and the nuclear and genetic lobbies, which are about to load us like meek sheep onto a train going in the wrong direction, together with the cattle for slaughter. 

  This E.U. is a gigantic Titanic. The analogies to the sinking of the Titanic are horrifying. In both cases lack of planning, megalomania, immoderation, blind faith in technology and the mania of speed at all costs. If the former raced for the Blue Ribbon through the deadly icebergs, the latter is in a murderous race to the limits of growth of the throw-away society which is destroying our environment and us. 

  Europe is only strong thanks to the diversity of its autonomies. This small-scale diversity must be bolstered and protected. This diversity is Europe. 

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