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  It is disgusting to see what is understood as freedom now. When you stroll through the city you get the feeling that you are walking through a prison: ruler-edged windows, ruler-edged buildings, the people as identical as if they wore prison uniforms. It is a self-made prison. What the people now take to mean freedom is no longer a jail which they are forced into but rather one which they themselves obediently enter. For they have already learned the taboos and prohibitions by heart. 

  And then the new freedom revolution will come: a man will want to be different from his neighbour, will want to travel in a different vehicle, will want to have his outside wall and window another size, another height, another shape and made out of different material than his neighbour’s. He will refuse to move into a building or live for a minute longer than necessary in a building which has a number of apartments exactly alike one on top of the other and side by side. He will even refuse to go down a street lined by buildings with ruler-edged facades or symmetrical windows. 

  Freedom without happiness is no freedom. Man can’t be happy without independent, creative activity. Whoever carries out plans programmed in advance by a superior is unhappy, has to be unhappy, can never be happy. Individual happiness is based on individual differences, on distinctive traits in people. It is not based on similarities. Similarity brings death. Equality leads to nothingness, it leads to totalitarianism, it leads to prison, it leads to limitless subjugation. Only he who is conscious of himself, only he who takes the time to get know himself, only he can free himself. 

  The last revolution was for freedom exploitation, from hunger, from poverty. And – here – it has been successful. The new revolution is for freedom from systematic annihilation of humanity, freedom form the assembly line that leads to death. 

From: REAL FREEDOM, 1966
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