In 1981 Hundertwasser was commissioned a teaching position for painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna; in 1986 he was promoted to professor. He became a professor emeritus in 1997.

In July 1982 Hundertwasser composed his Guidelines of Masterschool Hundertwasser . Here he articulated his conviction that the teaching and learning of art is impossible. He understood his activities at the academy above all as creating an atmosphere in which the students’ individual, free, creative development and activity develops by itself. Nature with her creative force is the only creative authority to point the way.

Essentially, the Guidelines of Masterschool Hundertwasser comprised the following precepts:

Nude models are to be replaced by plants; plants are the true teachers of the master school.

Every student has to create and design individual spaces in order to guarantee an atmosphere of independence and concentration onto oneself in which the individual can develop her/his own creative abilities without being disturbed by exterior influences.

Painting proceeds horizontally on tables and not vertically on easels, because from above the human being experiences her-/himself better in the right relationship to her/his environment. Painting is a religious activity, a ceremonial act; therefore those who are present should dress accordingly.

Color is sacred, it must not be wasted.

Plants, humus toilets, plant purification plants in the master school must be continuously maintained. Garbage must be recycled.

Romanticism, naïveté, beauty, warmth, an ideal world, everything that comes from the heart must be strived for.